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Why More Filipinos Still Prefer House & Lot Than Condo Unit

When looking for a property, one of the factors to be considered is the type of house that you want to live in. Most commonly, there are always two options to choose from: a House and Lot or a Condominium unit. From the different advantages and disadvantages of living between the these two type of houses, usually, more Filipinos still prefer to buy a traditional house and lot than a condominium unit. Let’s see the reasons why:

Children playing in front of Airene Rowhouse

1. You have more control over your property.

Whether you want to color your front door with your favorite shade of blue, want to switch your living room and your bedroom, or want a bigger backyard for your kids – you can do it all anytime with your very own house and lot unit.

In some subdivisions like Lumina, the house and lot models are given so there are limitations to the modifications you can do in your house’s exterior (like building additional floors and putting up a fence or gate), but as long as you can present to the Property Management Group the necessary building plans and show that your proposed modification will not affect the overall aesthetic maintained in your block, then this will most likely be approved.

In a condominium, however, you will have to face more strict administrative rules and restrictions, and higher homeowner fees at that! Also, the decision does not only rely with the building’s management, but also with your fellow homeowners.

A family has privacy and can bond in a Lumina house and lot

2. You have a total freedom and privacy.

What a relief it would be to not worry about disturbing your next-door neighbor during karaoke bonding nights with family and friends! In a house and lot, you get all the exclusive rights and privacy you want.

Unlike with condominium living, you share most of the common areas – worst, you also share a wall so karaoke nights and get-togethers are most of the time only possible when your next-door neighbors are out of town.

Good thing that in Lumina communities, the homeowners exude the Filipino vibe of “barangay” where people celebrate life’s simple pleasures that include playing basketball at the community’s Covered Basketball Court, holding mini-contests at the Multi-purpose Hall, and passing time with neighbors at the Mini Gardens and Playground while the kids run and play around. You wouldn’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors because they would gladly join the fun, everytime.

Spacious living in Lumina Homes

3. You have the privilege of spacious living.

If you choose to live in a condominium, you must be able to maximize the very limited space available inside your unit, which is not ideal for big families. Also, most of the time, you don’t even have a laundry area where you can wash and dry your clothes.

However, living in a house and lot offers extra room for your indoor and outdoor activities. Here, you can even landscape your own garden or you can accommodate more visitors on certain occasions. This can be observed in Lumina house and lot units – with its bare turnover, the homeowners are given freedom to design and setup their own home. All Lumina house and lot models come complete with space for Living Area, Dining and Kitchen Areas, Provision for 1 up to 3 Bedrooms (depending on the house model), and Provision for Carport and Service Area.

A family is secure with lifetime residence in a Lumina house and lot

4. There’s a lifetime guarantee of residence.

While a house and lot is considered as a long-term investment, condominiums, on the other hand, only have a life span of 50 years. Condominiums cannot be passed on to the next generation of your family unlike house and lots that grow old with you and your children (and the next) and even appreciates in value over time!

To sum up these points, the odds are better with a house and lot, compared to a condominium unit, right? However, many still prefer condominiums because these are more affordable and accessible than house and lots. This is probably the case five years ago before real-estate developers started to see the market potential of economic and socialized housing developments.

There is now a lot of affordable mass housing developers like Lumina that makes buying a house and lot easy and much more affordable. In Lumina, you can have your very own house and lot for as low as P2,280 monthly, under Pag-IBIG financing. It is also very accessible because it is available nationwide; its areas include Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Cabanatuan, Isabela, Bataan, Cavite, Batangas, Laguna, Quezon, Camarines Sur, Iloilo, Dumaguete, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao del Norte, and General Santos.

With developments like Lumina, you can have control over your property, freedom and privacy at the same time in terms of holding get-togethers for small to large groups of people, a spacious home that can accommodate you and your family just right, and a lifetime investment. Now be a smart buyer and choose that House and Lot you have been saving up for, for you and your family!


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